Wednesday, October 20, 2010

In the midst of chaos comes organization?

I'm getting a new crafting room!!!  My husband and I used to share an office but now I get my own space!  I'm in the midst of moving to my new digs and its utter chaos!  I was on the phone with mom tonight and she wanted to know how I stored my Cricut manuals, so this post is for her.  PLEASE ignore the background mess as I didn’t quite get done with the move today.  Will post pics of the finished product, but here’s a small sampling…

She also had the brilliant suggestion of taking out the pages with other languages!  I could probably hold double the number of manuals if I did that!

This is the system that works for me because I design with the Gypsy and don't ever need the actual keypad cover, cartridge or box.  They are all in storage under the stairs.

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